r8 collet dimensions . . 4 x 5. . Round . Inch Range Call (800) 597-3921 or (317) 803-8000 for fast, friendly answers to your questions. Material: PVC Lifetime Warranty R8 Collets; R8 Collet Sets; 3C Collets; 3AT Collets; 5C Collets; 5C Collet Sets; Morse Taper Collets; DA Collets; ER Collets; ER Collet Sets; TG Collets; Emergency Collets; Collet Fixtures; Collet Accessories; CAT Collet Chucks; BT Collet Chucks; HSK ER Collet Chucks; GS Milling Chuck Collets For #4 Morse taper and R8 collets. . 05″) COLLET CHUCKS & COLLETS CAT, BT, HSK, NMTB & R8 ER Collet Chucks 26-31 ER Collet Chuck Extensions 31 ER Collets 32-44 ER Collet Sets 45-47 ER Chuck Nuts, Wrenches, Backup Screws 48 SA Collet Chucks 49-50 SA Collets 51-52 TG Collet Chucks 53-55 TG 75, 100, 150 Collets & Sets 56-61 Milling Chucks & Collets 62-66 DA Collet Chucks 67-68 DA Collets R8 Collets Inch and Metric Sizes. 708") 11. 13-Piece Set. Dimensions: 1 × 1 × 1 in: Diameter: 1 ‎R8 Collet - 1/4″ ID- Hex Opening|Rapidhold|| Holding Diameter: 1/4″ Style: R8 : Mounting Style: Hex : Tool Type: R8 Collets Sizes: 1/8" thru 7/8" by 32nds TTC R8-25 25 Pc 1/8"-7/8" x 32nds R8 Round Collet Set Many metalworking products do contain metals that are included in the latest Prop 65 warning. S12, S15, S16, S20, S22, S26, S30, S35, S40 Collet Pads. This system fits in the same tool holders that use ER-style collets. I. 649 diameter that is 2. 66. D. com R8 x ER32: Capacity: Ø2-Ø20mm: Weight (kg) 0. 2019-12- 06 12:12. . 99 Shipping. Customer Service: (844) 866-5687 Lyndex 800-032 R8 Collet, 1/2" Opening Size, 4. 1. Dimensions: 10"h x 13 1/2w x 6" deep. 6 Apr 2002 Does anyone have or know where to find the specifications for an R8 The ball bearing closing nut closes the collet with 2-3 times the force a  CNC cart for #4 Morse taper and R8 collets. KBC R8 COLLET RACK &13PC R8 COLLET SET 1-588-125/1-519-020 Collet Series: Length: Diameter: ER11: 18 mm (. The collet works with the router shaft (connected directly to the motor) and the collet nut. Made from mill certified, hardened alloy steels, the outside taper and inside taper are concentric within . OK, I finally found the numbers that MH is using for the conversion 2 AcrTan (3. OVER 1/16″ (2mm) UNDER 1/16″ (2mm) ER 16: slotted: 42 ft/lbs: 30 ft/lbs: ER 16: hex: 42 ft/lbs: 30 ft/lbs: ER 20: slotted: 59 ft/lbs: 24 ft/lbs: ER 20: hex: 59 ft/lbs: 24 ft/lbs: ER 25: slotted: 77 ft/lbs: 77 ft/lbs: ER 25: mini nut: 25 ft/lbs: 25 ft/lbs: ER 32: slotted: 100 ft/lbs: 100 ft/lbs: ER 40: slotted: 130 ft/lbs: 130 ft/lbs Nov 13, 2013 · The following is a list of tool diameters that can be used with each size collet chuck. Regular Price Specifies the dimensions, materials and manufacturing requirements, and designation of collets for tools with parallel shanks and their corresponding holders and nuts. 5mm (0. This item is supplied without ER Spanner. . They have internal R8 Collets . 1. SKU. </p> <p>Hardened to 55&mdash;60 (Rockwell C) on all clamping surfaces and 40&mdash One blank space is provided for an extra R8 tool. Extended-Range ER "spring" collets have a gripping range of 1mm, or 0. Inscribed Circle: ¼" Thickness: 3/32" Nose Radius: 1/64" Insert Hole Diameter: 0. 6cm x 3. 5mm (both can be produced as per customer request). . 3” Color Touchscreen with Ethernet and Clip-on I/O capab Note: Set contains 1 collet chuck and a 11pc collet set in a case $ 469. 3AT Collets. Each of the collets has a 7/16" - 20 UNF internal thread to allow you to tighten into the mill. Capacities: Round: 1 1/16" Square: 3/4" Hex: 29/32" Carbide Insert Dimensions. The sizes   The tooling that came with the mill has a groove that is 0. . 040 inch) and provide a fast, easy and accurate way of holding end mills, fly cutters, saw mandrels and drill Each ER8 collet has a range of . B-3 collets look like scaled-down R8 collets. . . 040 inch) and provide a better way R8 shank 7/16-20 drawbar hole. Other Lathe Collets. —Bill O’Brien Introduction This chapter covers a variety of subjects critical to understanding machine shop work: Morse tapers and their repair, 5C and R8 collet dimensions, threaded fasteners, and clearcutting. . . A similar manufactured rack that holds 24 collets costs $78. 3/4 in. 00 Add to cart; Modify Your R-8 Tooling $ 30. 08″) 17mm (0. 0890 in. Individual R8  Data Pages · Thread Data Table · In-Feed Distances · Inch/Metric Table · Translating Nonsense · ER Collet Dimensions · Morse Taper Dimensions · R8 Taper  Closable cover protects collets from chips at all times. Comes assembled and with wall mount screws. R-8 quick change collet chuck. Hardness: clamping part HRC55~60 elastic part HRC40~45 5. 7/16 in. R8 collets are widely used in machining and work in holding devices and fixtures. 00 Add to cart; Related products. . 9496" - 0. Collet surface and threaded portion hardened to HRC 47 for long life 7/16-20 Standard R-8 Drawbar Thread Each Collet is clearly marked by size, allowing easy identification when placed in a collet rack R8 Collets. Overall Length . Can be used to store arbors, end mill adapters and shell end mill arbors. 0011 Size Range (Metric) T. If you're measuring ~9 degrees on your collets I'd double-check the measuring method. First, I posted the drawing with R8 collet dimensions (posted on the Web courtesy John Stevenson) on the light support over my lathe: I find that with the drawing right in my face, there's a slightly lower probability that I'll forget what the heck I'm doing. R8 & 5C Collet Dimensions . . 51”) 8. Comes bent at a 90 degree angle, but we can also custom bend one to your specifications. . The "ER" collet system, invented and patented by Rego-Fix in 1973, is the most widely used clamping system in the world. 50 inc vat ) Morse taper R8 Round Clamping Collet Carbon steel Suitable for R8 spindle taper hole milling machines,grinding machines . . 50 r8 collet, used in bridgeports etc or any machine with an r8 taper, used for holding slot/end mill read more. 3/4" collet. Holds a complete set of twelve R8 collets. com Hardinge, ETM, Lyndex, PhaseII Workholding Tools are loaded with Accusize Industrial Tools was born in Toronto, Canada, in 2008. . Easy to install – no holes to drill and tap. It can easily be cut to any length to fit your available space. . If I can get a 5C collet chuck on the lathe, I will be set! I had done one backplate before for a Buck 6-jaw chuck. Serving the American Machine Shop since 1953. B0201009 Collet R8-5/16: $6. The rigidity and concentricity of the R8 Collet may trigger the routing Collet Series : R8. collet assembly to keep the tap from turning in the collet. D. + 0" should be adequate). A wide variety of j7316a collets options are available to you, MENU ER/OZ/SK/5C/R8 Collets Inch collets for Spindle X6325 X5325. , 1/4 in. Looking for downloadable 3D printing models, designs, and CAD files? Join the GrabCAD Community to get access to 2. . 832. R 3 - 10 mm 0. 104" deep where as the collet has a groove 0. 5 mm (1. Check out the photos! if you have any other questions. TG Collet Chucks • Draw Bar Thread 7/16”-20 Shank Size Size Gage Length L (in) Part Number Major Dia D (in) Nut Part Number Wrench Part Number R8 TG100 3-1/8 8-500-1100 2-1/2 8-800-2010 8-810-2010 Factory Model #7819 ER Collet Chuck Sets Set Includes: • TMX Made In Poland Collet Chuck • ER Collets • Spanner Wrench • Collet Nut Collet Type Shank Size Overall R8 Collet Dimensions Face Mill Angle Options R8 To 4MT Lathe Adapter Climb vs Conventional Milling Lathe Chuck Dimensions Turning 11-feb-2017 - In this post, you will find the dimensions of R8 collet used in Bridgeport-style milling machine and 5C collet used in many lathes and indexing fixtures. 250 Dia. Types are 3C and 5C. . Overall Length . The round sizes are having a diameter of 3mm to 22mm in 1mm increments or 1/16″ to 7/8″ in 1/32  Making a suitable R8 collet is a daunting task for an experienced machinist. We offer a full line of Warner & Swasey Collet Pads for Machine Models: WARNER & SWASEY # 2, # 3, #4, # 2EC, 16" EC Machine Size 1 1/2 in Master Collet Number: 1369-1008, 461-1002, 462-1002 WARNER &amp; SWASEY #3, #4 Machine Size 1 3/4 - 2 in Master Collet Number: 1129-1102, 1369 The simple answer is yes. Select from 3 micron and 5 micron precision ground finished of SK Collet ER collect, ER steel seal coolant collet, R8 collet, 5C Collet, 3C collet, Morse Taper Collet. 2. . 3/16. 88 Add to basket R8 Collets , Collet Sets and Racks . S. R8 taper shank ER collet chucks are typically used on manual milling machines. 83″) ER 25. Free delivery in the USA FITS YOUR R8 DRILL: Spindle is R8 taper that any R8 shank will fit; 7/16" - 20 UNF internal thread on the top side and pull up into the keyed taper squeezing the end mill to grip it PROTECT & STORE COLLET: Each collet comes in a two-piece 4. . 312 long then the 9 deg 8min taper starts to produce a head diameter of . Now handles both R8 and Cat30 collets. 3 r8 collets – metric sizes We carry a variety of R8 collets and R8 collet sets in metric and inch sizes. View our measurement guide. 25" Top Diameter, 0. Dimensions: 12-1/2"H x 15-1/2"W x 8"D. Kavent Tools. Can be used to store arbors, end mill adapters and shell end mill arbors. 810-SET-27 27 Piece R8 Collet Set 1/16" - 7/8" by 1/32nds 820-SET-18-MM 18 Piece R8 Metric Collet Set 3 - 20mm by 1mm Part Number Description RACK-R8 Metal Rack, holds 24 piece R8 Collets or R8 Chucks Size Range (Inch) T. R8 collets are hardened, tempered, and ground to final dimension. Dimensions for  6 Feb 2006 Has anyone got the correct socket dimensions into which an R8 collet would sit please? This is the female socket, not the collect itself. 0″ (600 mm x 630 mm x 685 mm) Essential Tooling Package. As a Canadian distributor, Accusize Industrial Tools serves the metalworking customers with high-quality measuring tools, cutting tools, and machine tool accessories at a very competitive price. 097" measured at the threaded end of the collet. JPG (201. Nov 24, 2014 · Collet Facing Fixture with Pull Studs $ 200. 59428994 or 16 degrees ~ 35 minutes ~ 39. Clair Avenue Cleveland, Ohio 44117 United States of America (800) 821-2674; Sign in or Register air turbine tools® revolutionary constant high speed precision tools redefine performance standards for today's high speed Hand Tools, Motors, and Spindles. 33″) ER 11. The spindle takes 2M collets. 5/16" collet. Set - 1/8-3/4" in 1/8" Incr. com kindly sent me these items for appraisal and review. Choose your collet to match your tap size - ER16, ER25, and ER32 sizes available. collet taking into account any positive tolerance allowed on the collet. Air Closers. . . It’s an ideal part for 5C collets due to its size, the desire for precision, and the need for both turning and milling operations. 1mm, B = 102. . R8 Collets. Collet sizes and types vary, depending on the tool, machine and machining operation. They are a good choice for milling, drilling and reaming, secondary grinding operations and tool sharpening. . Riten size-for-size collets (5C, 16C and R8) are  A Batch of R8 Milling Arbors First, I posted the drawing with R8 collet dimensions (posted on the Web courtesy John Stevenson) on the light support over my  Specification · MODELKCS-R8-15 · STAIGHT SHANK TAPERR8 · DRAW BAR7/ 16" NF 20 · COLLET SIZES1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8",7/16", 1/2", · COLLET SIZES9/  22,23,24,25,26mm, Collets close down by 1mm,With A Choice Of Holder: MT4 MT3 R8, Collet sizes - 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21, Quick  New 25MM R8 Collet SORRY OUT OF STOCK from Chronos Engineering Supplies. 44 seconds. Bar Pullers. . . 1/8 in. R 1,495. 08") 17 mm (. 856 4. 78: Weight (m 3) 0. Diameters up to 1-1/8” and 27mm. B0201007 Collet R8-1/4: $6. 34") 26 mm (1. 5C, 16C, 3J, B42, B6-, B63, B80, and Multibore. 2M . Keyway 1. 00 Add to cart; R-8 to Morse Tapers #2 and #3 $ 75. . Open the catalog to page 3 Below is a summary of data that may be of help and a list of collet specifications for many makes of watchmakers' lathes Collets of all types: RC Machines Luxembourg … you will have to dig though the web site, but it's worth the effort, For unusual collets it's best to enquire (they speak English): ContPhone: +352-78-76-76 or email: info@rc High Precision Ground Clamping Surface, max runout . Technical Specifications Number of Stands Included 1 Number of Collets 12 Opening Shape Round Size Range 1/16 - 3/4 x 16ths Description 11 Pc. 3C Collets. Model #R8-R11. . . 708″) 11. Plus, we start out with ABEC-5 deep groove bearings. 3 inch R8 spindle Drawbar thread : 7/16 ER32 clamping range :1-20mm Spanner/wrench1X 45-52 Suitable For: R8 dedicated machine Features -Precision collet chuck holder for professionals and hobbyists demanding. Dunham Tool precision R8 Collets are available in both inch and metric sizes. SPECIFICATIONS. . 8cm x 3. • Collets are machined to perfectly mate with the tapered recess in the end of the shaft and to hold a router bit with just enough clearance to slip the bit in and out when loose. The R8 collet is commonly used to fix the cutting tool shank and it can also be used in milling machines, drilling machine, CNC machining centers, R8 precision spindles and R8 collet fixtures. Collet Type: ER32 3. The collets or tool holders are placed directly into the spindle and the drawbar is tightened into the top of the collet or tool holder from above the spindle. 80. . 16C Collets (Metric) . . . . . 1mm, B = 102. . 646. 80 ER Collet Chucks with R8 Shanks • Draw Bar Thread 7/16”-20 • ER 16: Hex Nut • ER 20, ER 25, ER32 and ER 40: Round Nut Sep 09, 2014 · Crate Dimensions: (W x D x H) 23. 00; R8 Keyless Drill Chuck Clamping Range 1-13mm Runout 0. 99 Flate Rate Shipping for this item, whether you order one or 10 you pay a total of $9. MSRP: $464. And to answer the obvious question - no, the M head spindle can't be reground with an R8 taper. Side Length: 0. . . . 795 inch hole in thespindle of my Atlas lathe. You drop the shank with factory installed 1/2 inch chuck and install the R8 shank for holding collets. 6M products and 24/7 customer service we have supplies and solutions for every industry. $31. I like that each collet came in a separate plastic tube,   Holds 11 R-8 Collets; Mount on any flat surface of the machine, on a bench or wall; Rotates for quick and easy selection of collet sizes; Collets are firmly seated   Ultra-Precision ER Collets in both standard and sealed models, inch and metric collet bore sizes. Overall Length 4. 5C Collets. . ER 20 Coolant Collets; ER 25 Coolant Collets; ER Coolant Holders. It so happens I also have a set of 5C collet blocks and a 5C spin indexer for the mill. . 78: Dimensions (cm) 16. 00 Select options; R-8 Erickson Collet Holder $ 185. 000: Weight (Freight) 0. Size: 3/32 in R8- CAT 40 R8 Adapters Our R8 adapters allow you to use standard R8 tooling in a CAT 40 taper machine. Diameters up to 27/32” and 20mm. Shop for 5c collets and other collets at shophardinge. Use these collets in milling machines that have an ER-25 collet chuck. Power clamping ability, precise accuracy 3. Hexagon . price: £11. Solidworks file is master, with an annotated design tree structured for easy manipulation. 093 OAL , with a . . The difference on a clean and dry shank based on drawbar torque from 20 ft lb to 40 ft lb was an increase in holding force from 1850 lb to 3600 lb. . Description. 2. SB1280 Precision R-8 Collet Set of 12 Get the whole set and save! The SB1280 Precision R-8 Collet Set of 12 are made to exact specifications using carefully chosen materials. 27. List. From CNC, robotic and other mounted applications, to hand finishing operations, the unique technology employed in the design and manufacture of these products delivers a cleaner cutting action, faster production rates, and eliminates This print is for a rack that will hold 9 collets for an end mill. Maybe mine has been abused at some point and I've know it had run-out. All 4 are Hardinge and are used. 3″) ER 40. . Royal Products offers a range of collets for a variety of turning and milling applications:5C Internal Expanding Collets for holding workpiece ID's ranging from 1/4" to 5". All sizes from 1/16 to 3/4 inch by 32nds. 8″ x 27. 1. 5 Collet Set Remarks •Easy to mount on the side of your machine with 1/4 screws&NewLine;•The R8 Collet Rack holds 12 of the most frequently used collets&NewLine;•Closed cover protects collets from chip at all times&NewLine;•The R8 Collet Rack a practical way to keep collets clean and within reach. · 11 Pc. ) ER Collet Set for Milling Machines and LathesER collets have a wide gripping range (about . . R8 chuck metric and inch differences and R8 chuck size specifications. 950" Bottom Diameter. R8-1/8RNS. 333: Dimensions (cm) Dimensions : Back Bearing Diameter . Dimensions: 10"h x 13 1/2w x 6" deep. 13 5C Collets (Metric) . com R8 - Collets for Bridgeport Machines Used directly in the machine spindle for general purpose milling and drilling operations, collets have dedicated bores for specific cutter shank sizes. It is designed to the R8 collet specs. 61″) ER 50. . The alternative is Morse taper which uses end-mill holders. 57″) 33mm (1. Essentially, the most popular, and again, readily available from a number of sources , are the ER 16, ER20, and ER32 in no particular order. 5C Collets (inch). Among the most commonly used collet types are ER, 5C and R8 (Bridgeport) collets, with various dimensions and diameters, both metric and imp The ER collets are 10* collets and are snapped in at an angle in the ball bearing closing nut. Brand: LYNDEX More Info. 000 . Set - 1/8 -3/4" in 1/16" Incr. 66. I used to worry about the grip but I ran some tests early on where I marked "witness marks" on the collet Kennametal Collet Chucks An international standard-style collet that can be used in machining applications such as milling, reaming, tapping, and grinding. , 3/16 in. 0 out of 5 stars. 4” inch (10. . 020inches(0. -Collet must be assembled into the clamping nut before inserting into the chuck. 3mm, C = 31. In this post, you will find the dimensions of R8 collet used in Bridgeport-style milling machine and 5C collet used in many lathes and indexing fixtures. 37 $160. B-3 Used on T heads. 1/8. . 5 mm (. 4” x 1. Shop for R8 Collets at Toolots. Collets I. Dec 18, 2018 · Collet dimensions for 1C 2C 3C 4C 5C 16C 20C and 25C Collets. 66. 14. The R8 taper end fits into a machine spindle and the ER collet nut is compatible with ER collet. That's the included angle, of course. . MariTool has one of the most comprehensive ER collet selections available in the industry including ER collets in 64th sizes and oversize collets such as ER16 in 7/16, ER20 in 9/16, and ER32 in 7/8. 5mm (1. 36″) 52mm (2. With the full-sized floor-standing Millrite, the collet situation is really dire - practically anything could be in that spindle bore. Used for boring, milling, drilling, tapping, grinding and engraving operation, etc. bt30Taper. Collet . Dimensions: 6 x 11-5/8 inch. . Collet Type: ER32 (mm) Maximum Capacity: 20: Taper (J) R8: Draw Bar (G) 7/16" x 20UNF (mm) L: 40 (mm) ØD: 50 (kg) Nett Weight: 0. B0201003 Collet R8-1/8: $6. . It's just too small. 0003" (so 0. Sudershan Measuring & Engineering Private Limited - Offering Precise R8 Or Morse Taper Collets, Length : 100mm at Rs 200/onwards in Delhi, Delhi. C . 95 inches,which will not fit into the 0. 0007 13/32" - 1" 0. Dimensions: A = 24. PD765-6X0-10 PD765-6X0-10 Process Control Universal Panel Meter - Large Digit Display $384. R8 Taper - Collet Chucks: R8-ER16: ER16 Collet Chuck - STD hex nut: PHOTO: $89. 16 51' Incl. R. 00mm Internal Thread Direction: Right Hand You are looking at a one (1) piece R8 ER32 Collet Chuck with the following specifications: 1. R8-7/32RNS. 2 Morse . . based in USA R8 Collet Chuck for ER40 Collets with UM Clamping Nut Range 3mm - 26mm, 7/16 Draw Bar Thread This item is supplied without ER Spanner Dimensions for R8-ER40UM (mm) ER collets all have unique length and diameter measurements. . B . 99: IN STOCK R8-ER20: Collet Set Remarks •Easy to mount on the side of your machine with 1/4 screws&NewLine;•The R8 Collet Rack holds 12 of the most frequently used collets&NewLine;•Closed cover protects collets from chip at all times&NewLine;•The R8 Collet Rack a practical way to keep collets clean and within reach. One blank space is provided for an extra R8 tool. -Ease of operation and high quality work results Check out our shop supply site for additional products www. 6 £ 10. Attaches in minutes to machines or benches. Quality precision collets form major manufacturers. Model #R8-R12. 66. Head Dia. All of our R8 spindle tooling has a 7/16x20UNF drawbar thread unless otherwise stated,Gloster Quality Bridgeport type R8 collets NEW, Suit Bridgeport or other  Get durable, wear-resistant collets from Grainger to help keep milling machines, lathes, and precision grinders Collet, R8, Round, Overall Length 4. . : 0. 8-Piece Set. C . I just happen to have 4 duplicates I would like to sell. Thread . which on the shank diameter is 0. ER Collet Chucks. 61") SYOZ 20: 34 mm (1. 00 / Piece. 3/8 in. The hardened collets can actually damage shanks that are too soft if over tightened. . Heavy Duty, Fully Threaded R8 Collet Drawbar for vertical milling machines. Ultra-Precision ER Collets in both standard and sealed models, inch and metric collet bore sizes. What’s more, cutting tools can be rapidly changed when using an R8 collet. 00mm Measurement System: Metric Max. 800. Precision ER Collets, Power Coat Nuts, Coolant and Other Collets ER25 Inch Size Collets . The R8 system is commonly used with collets ranging in size from 1 ⁄ 8 ″ to 3 ⁄ 4 ″ in diameter or tool holders with the same or slightly larger diameters. 10mm R8 Collet. . Please refer to our ER8 Collet print for general ER8 dimensions. . 9496 Dia. 25” x 1. . Sep 25, 2018 · For milling with an R8 head, R8 collets give you the most nose space on the mill. 6cm) sturdy plastic protective covering case to ensure I've been using R8 collets directly to hold all the standard size end mill shanks without any issue. Select from 3 micron and 5 micron precision ground finished of SK Collet ER collect, ER steel seal coolant collet, R8 collet, 5C Collet, 3C collet, Morse Taper Collet. 45") ER16: 27. MSC sells Tooling - R8 Shank and other toolholding & workholding products from Parlec, Kurt, Wilton and more. cdt1. 25 lbs · 20 Piece set Includes 1-20mm x 1mm collets · Made of high grade tool steel · Hardened and precision ground · Threaded internally 7/16"-20  9 Mar 2017 R8 Collet modeled from prints and samples. . Also find CAT AF collet chucks, BT AF collet chucks, AF collet extensions, and AF Nuts and wrenches. 45″) ER 16. 2. Model #R8-R48. Put WORKHOLDING to WORK for YOU with Ajaxtoolsupply. 00; Tooling Package, R8 Mini Mill Premium; All the best products to get started with your R8 mini mill right now; Workholding: 3″ precision milling vise, parallels, clamping kit, 1-2-3 blocks; Toolholding: R8 collet set Collis Toolholder in Clinton Iowa designs and manufactures toolholders to precision tolerances, maximizing repeatability, accuracy, and durability. ER collet sizes start at ER8 through ER50. Eventually got to testing and this video covers the findings. Or just bite the bullet and buy more 5C collets. 0457; 550 North Wheeler Street St. B7S#7 used on M and T heads. Also provides collet dimensions for ER-8 ER-11 ER-16 ER-20 ER-25 ER-32 ER-40 and ER-50 Collets. Thus, it is vital for cleaning inside and Collet itself taking tool accurately. 800. Tolerance: Guaranteed to be within 0. . The thing is bigger than it looks - that's a 6x18" table. . . Heavy painted steel. 820-010. Test with the collet one more time just to make sure the Alignment screw is located correctly. With outstanding quality and very competitive pricing, Royal expanding, step, and ER collets offer unbeatable value. We "US Shop Tools" manufacturer & Supplier Of Best Round Jaws,Lathe jaws,Strong Chuck jaws,Soft & Hard jaws,Nuts,Machine tools,Metalworking,etc. 5/24) = 16. . ER 11 Coolant Holders; ER 16 Coolant Holders; ER 20 Coolant Holders; ER 25 Coolant Holders; Router Collets. STOCK. 07 $ 276. 60mm (2. How could a 0. . With a round face and adjustable body, they compress to grip round-shank drill bits, end mills, reamers, and taps. 2 . Oct 27, 2010 · The R8 has a collet behind the bolt-head that is slotted into 13 segments and has a raised ridge in the front. A . They are 1/8, 1/4, 1, and 1-1/16. 34") 20 mm (0. 99. High quality, competitive appearance, reasonable price Work Holding » Collets and Accessories » Collet Sets 1/8-7/8X16THS 13PC R8 LYNDEX COLLET SET. 7/16-20 Standard R-8 Drawbar Thread. . 81″) 41mm (1. This unit is for wall, cabinet, or other vertical flat surface mounting only. cover it) and on the fattest part of the taper is 1. 00: OIS45E_PLUS OIS45EPLUS Economical 4. 00 Add to cart; Mach-1 System Tooling Tray $ 129. N-2 used on rightangle number 2 and 4 attachments. . 248" Shars Tool stocks a comprehensive size range of collect for your holding requirement. R8 Collets in round sizes are 1/16" to 7/8" in 1/32" increments, or 3mm to 22mm in 1mm increments. Many collets are available individually and in sets from LittleMachineShop. Can be mounted on wall, machine or bench. Heavy painted steel. 24") 21 mm (. 5; Constructed of alloy steel for long, durable service life; Hardened to Rc: 52-56 to avoid damaging collet chuck treads; Collet Range Specifications Collet & Nut Performance R8 - Collets for Bridgeport Machines Used directly in the machine spindle for general purpose milling and drilling operations, collets have dedicated bores for specific cutter shank sizes. Almost all machine tool tapers are spec'd this way. Easy to install – no holes to drill and tap. R8 Collet Stand Metal 48 hole approximately 40x31x21cm £17. 1/2" collet. the 1970's Catalog I have says : #2 Morse used on M and T heads. 00. DA100 DA180 DA200 DA300 DA400 and DA500 collets are also supported as are R8 collets. Use these collets to securely hold round-shank tool bits in the R8 spindle of a milling machine. Quick View. . B . , 3/8 in. 02") ER32: 40 mm (1. 7pc High Precision R8 Round Collets Kit 1/8" 1/4" 3/8" 1/4" 5/8" 3/4" . $184. The CNC operator uses the R8 Collet that makes sure to deliver shank of the bit 80% change into the Collet speed. 040", the most of any collet commonly used in tool holding. 12 5C, 16C Collet Chucks > Diameters up to 27/32 and 20mm ԕ Setrite feature allows accuracy adjustment to virtual zeroΕ Accepts 5C and 16C collets Type Aand DIN mounts 5C Collets (inch) . 6. . . Square . Round . : 20. . Products include End Mill Holders, Shell Mill Holders, Collet Chucks, Collets, Tapping, Morse and Jacobs T Includes 1/8 in. Premium made in Europe quality with a low delivered cost. Holds a complete set of twelve R8 collets. Their "shank" has a diameter of 0. 0007 11 - 20mm 0. Form B applies for general purposes. 5mm (1. 6724 Perimeter Loop Drive. 99 $9. com, Your one stop SHOP for R8, 5C, 16C, 3J Collets, Collet Chucks, Lathe Chucks and Jaws. 5mm). 95 1604 Collet Set, R8, Set ABN Precision R8 Collet Set, 13-Piece Mill Collets Set – Taper Spindle R8 Collets for Mill Machine, 1/8in to 7/8in. 089" ER Collet Dimensions Morse Taper Dimensions R8 Taper Dimensions Material Equivalents Material Properties Socket Head Cap and Countersunk Screws Button and Flange Button Head Screws Grub Screws Nuts & Washers R8 Collet Sets . The long answer is to install R8 collets you should start with an R8 collet kit as you will need an R8 shank to insert the collet into. . Stock. The "Forever" Collet Drawbar. There are also proprietary designs which only fit one manufacturer's equipment. 0002” and feature an easily replaceable key. The R8 collet is also called a milling collet. 0002" at the collets' nose. . 1071 Uniek Drive Waunakee, WI 53597 Phone: (608) 849-8381 Fax: (209) 885-4534 Holds 48 R8 collets or arbors, adapters, etc. 50; R8 Keyless Drill Chuck Clamping Range 1-16mm Runout 0. Every time you see something else, it's a conversion done by somebody. . Common industry-standard designs are R8 (internally threaded for mills) and 5C (usually externally threaded for lathes). $345. This was an odd finding. . 5. 00. ER Collet Series A single-angle collet that grips 1:3 tightening torque versus grip torque without a stop screw. ER Size ER50 Inch Size Collets Part No. 57") 33 mm (1. . 1/2 in. . . A milling collet can be  2 Jun 2005 I suspected that discrepancy myself, but being poor at math I just indicated a collet I had and then tweaked things until I got full contact with the  Used directly in the machine spindle for general purpose milling and drilling operations, collets have dedicated bores for specific cutter shank sizes. . . . Dimensions:  A machine taper is a system for securing cutting tools or toolholders in the spindle of a machine The taper itself is roughly 5/8" per foot, but exact ratios and dimensions for the various sizes of tang type tapers are given belo R8 Collet Chuck for ER32 Collets with UM Clamping Nut Range 2mm - 20mm, 7/ 16 Draw Bar Thread. 25 (£13. SKU: 1-5251-020. R8-1/16RNS. The slot depth of the face mill arbored R8 collet was. . It comes with an adapter sleeve to allow it to accept a number 2 Morse Taper(things like a drill chuck). But for all the common sizes the collets work just fine. All three collets are small (1/2" diameter max), much smaller than the R8's capacity. , 9/16 in. I'd verified my grinder spindle taper dimensions with autocad. 13. . For our full range of Quick-Grip CNC May 09, 2012 · • A collet is the steel sleeve that holds a router bit in a router. . 020 inches(0. For example, ER8-3mm can grab a round shank from 3mm diameter to 2. Collet . It was 46″ Long and fits up to 31 R8 collets. 16C Collets (inch) . </p> <p>Made to exact specifications using carefully chosen materials, these collets and sleeves will give you accurate and durable service. 67″) ER 20. . 1  Prices exclude VAT and carriage Prices/specification subject to change without prior notice. 77 Includes: 7/16 in -20 Draw Bar, Case, R8 Shank Collet Chuck Item: Collet Set Capacity: 3/32" to 3/4" Number of Pieces: 12 Size/Range: 3/32" to 3/4" Collet Series: ER32 Max. Precision R-8 Collet Set 11 Pc Set covers a wide range of end mill sizes; Fits any machine with R-8 Spindle Taper SKU: R8-11Pc Category: Collets. Each Collet is marked with size for easy identification. . . Face Shape Round. 068" while the Iscar R8 collet measured in at 0. With outstanding quality and very competitive pricing, Royal  ER collets have a wide gripping range (about . R8-3/32RNS. R8 Collets in round sizes are 1/16" to 7/8" in 1/32" increments, or 3mm to 22mm in  The length of the R8 collet is around 105 mm. Body Dia. 625. 95 2872 Collet Set, R8, Set of 23 : $132. The ER32 nut is compatible with ER32 style collet and the ER40 nut works with ER40 style collet. 7/32. 06") 35 mm (1. . I. Measurement System Fractional Inch. I need to turn the hex block to ease the sharp corners, and to make them  End mills seem to fit as they should, all the saw cuts look to be the same length on each collet with no burrs. Also comes in white. 9/32 in. 66. Internal Thread Direction Right Hand. Figure . 110" Tip Angle: 80 degrees / 100 degrees . Includes collet sizes: 3/64, 3/32, 1/8, 3/16,  19 Feb 2017 Banggood. 5C Collets are also a 10* design. R 2,295. ER collets are used to hold all the machine tools with a round shank. . . Internal Thread Size 7/16"-20. . 97 kB, 1349x764 - viewed 575 times. Drawbar - 7/16x20 UNF and M12x1. 5mm (0. 66. B0201013 Collet R8-7/16: $6 It is 3. R8 Collet Sets. Free UK delivery and great worldwide rates. Shop today and get your unit shipped same day! Expanding Collets 5C Collets R8 Collets. . R8 is the spindle type. . R8-5/32RNS. . . ER 8. 15. 83") ER25: 34 mm (1. 34″) 26mm (1. 2 Morse . The import R8 collet measured in at 0. Set - 1/16-3/4" in 1/32 Incr. 1mm: £30. If you have a specific requirement that you don't see listed, contact Hardinge for special application information. ) Looking for Collet Chuck Set, 12pc, R8? Find it at Grainger. Suite 305. Collets - Morse Taper, R8, 5C, 3C, ER and Brown & Sharpe. 0. 1" collet. Our R8 Collets allow for more rapid tool changes, and provide an inexpensive and accurate tool holding method. Attaches in minutes to machines or benches. 5C Collets (Metric). Shop today and get your unit shipped same day! R8 Round Collets: 2mm to 18mm diameter with 7/16” UNF drawbar thread. Made from Delrin, so no need to worry about glue sticking to them. (Imperial sizes also available) Set of 12 Round R8 Collet Kit from 1/16" to 3/4" by 1/16ths 0956000000R812 144294 Hardinge manufactures collets for many lathes, mills, grinders, and fixtures for both current and obsolete machine models. , 5/16 in. . Can be mounted on wall, machine or bench. 24″) 21mm (0. 060" deep. . . collets; Made from precision ground and hardened steel; Compatible with the WEN 33013 metal milling machine and the WEN 33108A 8-piece 2-flute HSS end mill set; Universal design fits any R8 milling machine available on the market Apr 9, 2015 - Chapter 3 Tapers, Dowel Pins,Fasteners & Key Concepts The greatest unexplored territory in the world is the space between the ears. . Size: 3/4 in For Use With: For Use With ER32 - R8 Spindle Milling Machines And Lathes Min. Warner Swasey Collet Pads. Hexagon . 34mm (1. NOTE: All collet chucks require a drawtube adapter to fit specific machines. $9. 31. B0201004 Collet R8-5/32: $6. . 4 x 5. . Bar Pull Grippers Bar Pull Kits Bar Pull Shanks Bar Pull Adapters. So, today's effort was to make some R8 blanks I could use for future projects. 99 R8 Collet Dimensions. 46mm (1. R8 Collets are not included. The collet has a floating spindle, eliminating the need for a special floating tap holder. Quantity Price Model Description Out of stock: $29. 81") 41 mm (1. Collets. Jan 12, 2015 · R8 Quick Change Tooling for Knee Mills & Bed Mills Combined with our Collet Closers they maintain tool length offsets. 01 . (Check tool holder capacity and shank size before ordering. 12. 0002” Accepts DIN 6499 collets; Balanced to G2. R8 Collets are taking keyway to prevent rotation when fitting or removing. The size indicated on the collet is the largest size it can hold and can be collapsed smaller within its collapse range of . . Welcome to Small Tools Incorporated! Small Tools Inc. In this post, you will find the dimensions of R8 collet used in Bridgeport-style milling machine and 5C collet used in many lathes and indexing fixtures. . Sold by Edealszone LLC. • ER and TG Collet-Style Holders—stub, standard, extended, extra-extended and strong and rugged (S&R) configurations • Toolholder Collets—ER8, ER11, ER16, ER20, ER25, ER32, TG100 and TG150 • Mill Accessories—5C and 16C collet blocks, collet extension holders, “Cool Stop” seals, retention knobs and mounting fixtures Somma Tool Company - Premier Tooling for the Manufacturing A selection of ER Collet Chucks with R8 Shank. 250". Made in Taiwan to a high specification and available as single items or in size ranges R8 Collets . Find R8 collet dimensions from 1/32” to 7/8” or 3mm to 22mm. R8 shank fits MicroLux #84630 Mini Milling Machine, and other mini lathes and mills. 025 Chamfer x 45. ALL YOUR TOOLING NEEDS!!! PHONE: 1 (800)543-5998 FAX: 1 (800)552-5320. KBC R8 COLLET RACK &13PC R8 COLLET SET 1-588-125/1-519-020 Collet is a form of chuck which may be used for holding either workpieces or tools. 875 Page Page SetriteήSet Length . Collet: Nut Type: Collets I. Easily be mounted to your mill, shop wall, or shelving. You are not going to find an R8 square or hex collet blocks, you get to choose MT3 or ERxx (typically ER40). I. With over 1. 0005″. 5/8" collet. Please click on item to see detailed dimensions for each collet. 250" - 0. Made by elastic steel 65Mn 2. B150 5/8" R8 Collet Highest grade steel Precision ground Hole sizes: 5/8" B150 Now: CAD $9 . . . 156 min. The low price leader marketplace for R8 Collets and all metal machine industrial manufacturing tools U. 3/8" collet. Thread . MAC AFRIC 17 pce R8 Collet Set 4 – 20 mm. Specifications: Autolock S-Milling Cutter Chuck Supplied in a metal storage box, complete with collets Imperial chucks have 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8 inch collets, making them suitable to hold any cutter from 1/16 to 25/32 inch diameters Self-centring & automatic locking, this ensures the cutter is unable to slip, pull out, or push back Dimensions : Back Bearing Diameter . Find 13 Piece, 1/8 to 7/8" Capacity, R8 Collet Set at MSC Industrial Supply, serving the metalworking, safety, and MRO industries for over 75 years 4860 Collet Set, R8, Set of 13, Professional Grade : $124. 22. R8 Collets are not included. 9496" +0" should. 66. 4. Besides being manufactured from high-grade raw-material and latest technology, the offered collet is inspected properly by our expert. 5 R8 Round Collets: 1/16” to 7/8” diameter with 7/16” UNF drawbar thread. {nose = maximum height between quill and table} The smaller the mill the more this parameter maters. . 5 mm (1. Dimensions: A = 24. lbs. We can provide all kinds of R8 collets for you to choose from. MAC AFRIC 12 Piece ER32 Collet Set R8 Taper(M12). To ensure they work with milling machines and tooling made throughout the world, these collets meet both ISO and DIN dimensional standards. . Each collet is made for a specific tap shank size. Collet Type R8. . Model #R8-R48. 3. . 1/4" collet. Exposure to the elements can be harmful. . Protects collet shanks from chips and coolant. 38") DIN 6388 COLLETS Form E For threaded straight shank tools DIN 6388 COLLETS Form B (With clamping field) For plain straight shank tools COLLETS FOR TAPPING CHUCKS For cylindrical straight shanks with square DIN 10 DIN 6499 (ER TYPE) COLLETS Form B For plain cylindrical straight shank DIN 6499 (ER TYPE) COLLETS Form A SEALED For plain cylindrical Probably my most used R8 collet is 1/4" and the one I have is branded Kenkal or something like that (not Kennametal). ER Collets. . 78") SYOZ 25: 52 mm (2. . . 5C Step Collets that can be bored to size for parts up to 4-1/2" diameter. If I ever have to hold oddball small size stuff THEN I'll get an R8 to ER chuck. For anyone whom doesn't know 11 Pc. 001" depth differential prevent one collet from sliding in OK while the other one fit? Nov 28, 2015 · R8 Taper Specs FWIW, when I draw the 3. 66. 5C Collet Dimensions. 2 . 0011 Inch TIR MSC# 79783148 Lyndex (800-032) Holds 48 R8 collets or arbors, adapters, etc. 6″ x 24. See page 24 for specifications. 069". To be fair, the majority I've seen take R8 collets. 1mm: £35. . . 85") 27 mm (1. 005" (so 1. 156. Paul, MN 55104 For those using R8 collets, you’ll really be able to maximize your work envelope. draw bar is 7/16-20. Precision Shaft Collets Available in . 2M . US $0. Weight: 12. 3mm, C = 31. 1/16" - 3/8" 0. The collet groove is slightly  29 Mar 2013 A photo of the nearly finished product and a drawing of R-8 specs. . 188" Overall Length: 8-1/2" Comes as shown in pictures. As the bolt is closed and cammed shut, the collet is pushed forward against a tapered Specifications: Cutting Diameters Range: 3" to 6" Arbor Sizes: 1" Shank: R8. . Note: Set contains 1 collet chuck and a 10pc collet set in a case $ 369. 0890 in. The Bridgeport C head used B-3 collets, standard. com. 67") ER20: 31. The assembly consists of (2) sides, (2) ends, and (1) top. The ball bearing closing nut closes the collet with 2-3 times the force a non-ball bearing nut can. R8 Collet Drawbar for Vertical Milling Machines. . Specifications Item: R8-ER32 Material: Metal Size: 16cm/6. 5 million free CAD files from the largest collection of professional designers, engineers, manufacturers, and students on the planet. 3838; FAX 651. R. B0201008 Collet R8-9/32: $6. 0011 R8 Collet Sets R8 Collet Rack 4. 00 Add to cart Tap Collets in ER16, ER25, and ER32: (with more sizes coming soon) The best collet choice for tapping with built in square receiver to fight the added torque required when tapping. ER16, ER20, ER35, ER32, ER40 Collet type. . Dublin , OH 43017. 001: Weight (Freight) 0. 18mm (0. 062R  Feb 11, 2017 - In this post, you will find the dimensions of R8 collet used in Bridgeport-style milling machine and 5C collet used in many lathes and indexing   Dunham Tool precision R8 Collets are available in both inch and metric sizes. Seamless design and high grade steel (35 Rockwell) materials offer a minimum torque rating of 125,000 ft. B0201012 Collet R8-13/32: $6. 95 4515 Collet Set, R8, Set of 5 : $31. Indexing Fixture, Tailstock and Vertical Collet Vise. Dimensions: A  A wide range of Premium R8 and 5C Collets. 00mm to 14. 14 Set Length Standard5C, 16C Collet Chucks > Diameters up to 1-1/8Ք and 27mm . and 5/8 in. , 1/2 in. Figure . There are 13 collets included that increment by 1/16-inch. Collets not included. 25mm increments from 10. Cutter Thicknesses Range: 092" to. . We found a  I took some quick photos to compare the taper of an R8 collet with the main spindle dimensions would differ between MT3 and R8 versions. Protects collet shanks from chips and coolant. 13mm (0. Thread . Use in conjuction with our ER Tap Holders to minimize tap breakage. 19199 St. $8 each plus shipping. Rated Capacities . R8 Brass Emergency Collet Slide a collet up into the spindle until it seats, then continue screwing in the Collet Alignment Screw until it touches. 5"/foot. . Bosch Style Collets; Milwaukee Style Router Collets; Porter Cable Style Collets; Adapter Collets; Dewalt Router Collets; Makita Router Collets; Custom Collets; Desoutter Thru Coolant Collets in ER32, ER25, and ER16: Made to be used with thru-coolant tools, Glacern's ER Coolant Collets allow greater water pressure through the collet. SKU: EACOLT-031. 015. Individual units are 3′ tall; Three Shelves – Each shelf holds 50 tools – For a whopping 150 tools! Nylon inserts protect each tool holder Ajaxtoolsupply. The standard sizes are ER-8, ER-11, ER-16, ER-20, ER-25, ER-32, ER-40, ER-50. Has anyone tried to correct this? Shars Tool stocks a comprehensive size range of collect for your holding requirement. . 38") TG 75: 47 mm (1. B0201005 Collet R8-3/16: $6. Size: 20. 089" Length, 1. (Metric sizes also available) R8 x ER32: Capacity: Collet Range Ø2 - Ø20mm: Weight (kg) 0: Weight (m 3) 0. 40mm (1. . Closable cover protects collets from chips at all times. Shank Diameter: R8 2. Tormach ran some tests on their R8 collet system in order to come up with guidelines to minimize pullout. . Available in CAT50, CAT50 AD/B (C50BC) coolant and CAT50 Simulfit (C50BC) Collet seat taper T. Mach-1 Drawbar Assembly $ 650. . 00mm. This unit is for wall, cabinet, or other vertical flat surface mounting only. Dimensions vary per style. These collets are used for collet chucks, indexer heads, collet closers, milling machines, cnc mills, cnc lathes, bridgeport mills, indexing heads Please Select the Hold Diameters of R8 End Mill Holders: 1/4" (0222-0840) 1/4" (0222-0840) 3/16" (0222-0841) 3/8" (0222-0842) 5C & R8 Collet We are dedicatedly engaged in offering a commendable range of 5C & R8 Collet . . 16. For Use With Collet System. R8 Collets Inch and Metric Sizes · 6 Pc. 1-1/4 in. 0011 in Min. I finally measured it last night and at 1" it is a hair over 2 thou, nearly the same at the lip. 5mm T = 7/16" UNF. 3") ER40: 46 mm (1. 36") 35 mm (1. . . A . 875 Jul 06, 2017 · R8 specifications are 3. 5mm T = 7/16" UNF. . ER collets are now available from dozens of companies worldwide. 0006" TIR. Rotates with finger touch for easy size selection. Made of sturdy 1/4″ black ABS plastic. 02″) ER 32. . Go to next slide - Shop by Size. 015. . 3/32. 66. 5/12 line and analyze it I get 16. Square . Coolant Fed Non-Coolant Through. Note: R8 collets DO NOT collapse. . . Hardinge is the world’s largest collet manufacturer. The shank goes in the spindle, R8 shanks use collets made for these shanks so they got called R8 collets. . 99: IN STOCK R8-ER16S: ER16 Collet Chuck - SLIM NUT: PHOTO: $89. R8 Collets are typically used as holders for tool shanks, and are used in Dunham Tool R8 fixtures and R8 precision spindles. . B0201010 Collet R8-11/32: $6. 2602 degrees. R8 White Collet Hold LINK Collet Series: R8 For Use With: Collet System Item: Collet Coolant Through: No Range: Exact Size Coolant Fed: Non-Coolant Through TIR Max. Fits both Imperial and Metric collets. Collets can range in holding capacity from zero to several inches in diameter. . 5mm). D. R8 collets are what I have a set of for my mill. com®. 95. 02 $ 351. 5/32. R8/M1TR COLLETS Available in Sizes 4mm to 20mm. . 06") TG 100: 60 mm (2. . TG Collet Series Kennametal Shell Mill Adapters We carry a variety of AF collets (Acura-Flex collets) in metric and inch sizes, including AF25, AF38, AF50, AF75, and AF100 collets. Use your 5C collet block to make your own R8 collet block. . How much space is need for what we want in the box and then what are the dimensions of a box which will contain that space. 66. . R8-3/16RNS. . ref: 32098. B0201006 Collet R8-7/32: $6. . · 23 Pc. . 5mm diameter. 4 R8 Collets . Form A applies to milling and any other application where a hard collet bore is required. Specifications: STAIGHT SHANK TAPER: R8; DRAW BAR: 7/16" NF 20; COLLET SIZES: 1/8"  The easiest way to determine what type of collet your machine has is to measure the length and diameter of the collet. 5C Collet Set - 1/8" thru 3/4" Type R8 Collet Set Collet Style R8 Brand Name Quality Import. ≤ . R8 COLLETS: SIZE: PART# 1/16. . Collet Series: R8 Collet Series: R8 Collet Size Style SKU There are many types of collet used in the metalworking industry. JET CS-R8 6-Piece R-8 Collet Set 1/8-Inch to 3/4-Inch by 1/8ths for Mills. . 1 All R8 collets are made with hardened threaded bushing in the back for long life. Bigger More Accurate Bearings - You'll have far bigger bearings than the OEM Taig or Sherline bearings. Back the screw out 1/2 turn and install the Set Screw. 1/2 Inch Steel R8 Collet 7/16-20 Drawbar Thread, 0. B0201011 Collet R8-3/8: $6. L. . R8 Collets R8 collets are manufactured to exacting standards. Rated Capacities . Angle: a = 8°25'. . add to compare compare now. 90 : R8-RA48 Details: R8 Collet Rack - holds 48 collets, 1700-0815 R8 ER16 Collet Chuck for ER16 Collets 44mm Gauge Length: £17. S Style collet pads are readily available hard & ground for Round, Hex or Square work shapes with Smooth or Serrated inside pad surface. ROTATING RACK FOR 11 R8 COLLETS. Holds 96, R8 or #4 Morse taper; 2 storage trays with protective lining inside; Durable nylon inserts to help prevent  Qty: 15 pc. 95-$20. r8 collet dimensions